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Joy and Obedience

Part 2

Text: Prov. 4:4; 6:20; 28:7

 Key Concepts:

  • The joy God gives last even in the midst of storms
  • To please God, you must know his word
  • Obedience to God’s word lead to true joy

                The quest for happiness is universal. We all want to be happy in life. Though that may be the goal for everyone but for the believer happiness in God should be the goal of life. Joy in the Lord that is to make God the supreme pleasure and treasure of your life. Happiness in the world is ephemeral but in the bible the concept of joy and happiness is essential to God’s word. the psalmist calls us to cry to God in joy (Ps. 100:1) and Paul (Phil. 4:4) tells us to rejoice in the Lord. The Christian life is not a great emotional endeavor filled with wonderful feelings, but rather the life of a humble person seeking God’s truth with a willingness to obey God. Paul is referring to the joy we Christians experience in the midst of our storms. For a Christian to rejoice always means you can still experience joy and peace as long as you know who seats in the boat with you. We are called to obey God’s commands and in return be blessed by Him. Jesus has made it clear that there is a correlation between obedience and blessedness. Only those who are obedient to God’s will and word will know lasting joy. A commitment to fully know and obey God results in true blessedness and lasting joy. To enjoy all that life has to offer, you need to trust Jesus Christ and choose to obey God.

            Why is it that only a few has experienced true happiness that Paul talked about? There are few possibilities to consider. It is perhaps because some are not interested in knowing and obeying God. If you don’t know God’s word, it is impossible to please Him. If you want to experience joy, you need an ardent desire to know God and study his word. For only when we’ve hidden his word in our hearts will we not offend him (Ps 119:11). The is an example in the bible where his people come together and chose to obey God.  The Levites and scribes had to teach the people till they understood God’s will and rejoiced in obedience. When we obey the word of God, we get to experience great joy. You can find joy in obedience.

Maybe you want to fully know God but you’re not willing to fully obey him. Are you a great student of the bible but bad at applying it? We are called to not only know but to obey the word of God. The word of God tells us to know happiness we must obey God’s commands. As James cautioned, it is not enough to be hearer of the word but rather doers. Are you instead will to obey God but motivated enough to get to know him? To obey his word, you must develop a passion to study his word (Jer. 15:16). Jeremiah was obviously passionate about the word of God. Indeed, that is the kind of attitude God is seeking after. The word blessed and happy are synonymous in the bible (Prov. 4:4). If your desire is to obey and live for God, you need a passion to not only read but devour the word of God as Jeremiah did. For the word of God addresses all of life and guide the Christian throughout life. To have peace and serenity, to find calm in the midst of the storms, feed on the word of God. No Christian can experience joy outside of God’s will and word. Rejoice in the Lord always. Rejoice.


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