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Anger and Quarrels

Text: Prov. 19:19, 29:22, 30:33, 22:24-25

Key concepts:

  • Anger is a powerful emotion that can destroy lives
  • Christians can use reliable biblical principle to deal with anger
  • Anger is harmful unless managed and controlled

If talking about anger gets you angry then you have an anger problem. The Holy Spirit knows well that anger is a human emotion that we all struggle with. Therefore, there are many references throughout scripture about the experience and the expression of anger. The admonitions to manage and control our anger are many in an effort to keep us from the devastating consequences on our health and others’ lives. A lot of time and money has been invested in the management and treatment of anger. Currently, one can get certified by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) as a specialist to help cope with anger.  Anger has and can cause much destruction. Before the world acknowledged that there was an anger problem; the bible was inspired to address anger in the life of God’s children.

Therefore, we learn from scripture how to become slow to anger. We can take control of how much anger we experience by developing long-suffering (i.e. patience in dealing with difficult people in difficult situations). We learned from God the Father how to be introspective when we start feeling angry and how to stop looking outside of ourselves for the cause and root of anger, but we are looking within. Whether it be pride, envy, lack of patience, lack of forgiveness… the answer is within. We also need to deal with the root of the problem not its symptoms. Twice in scripture we find God challenging men to looking within for the cause of their anger (Cain in Gen 4 and Jonah in Jonah 4). We learn to address our anger by dealing with it expeditiously.  If we were to learn not to let the sun go down on our anger, we’d avoid many migraines and save many relationships. Anger management works for many but obedience to the word of God and submission to the Holy Spirit will provide you with the best therapy to handle your anger. We are each responsible to manage our anger.

Who is an angry individual? Someone who is predisposed to react negatively to any circumstance.  They filter live through a lens of their own bitter perspective. Such a one is angry with everyone including him/herself and God; there is no satisfaction to be had. They are like a timed bomb looking for a trigger. They are experts at hiding their anger, but they are miserable and make sure everyone around them are as well. They are often quietly depressed. Are you that person?

What is the source of our quarrels and conflicts? James 4: 1-2 addresses that question. He tells us that is our passions that cause quarrels, passion can be envy, pride … (and so on). The trigger maybe outside but the bullet is within and consequently we must control our own feelings. The enemy is within. The angry person cause dissension around others as if living vicariously through other’s anger. The distinction between someone who is angry and one who lives in quarrelsome condition is that the angry person can apply biblical principles to address their anger whereas when the anger goes unresolved and taints everything and everyone it becomes strife. This involves bitterness and sometimes violence and causes distance within a relationship. Such person will become aggressive, abusive and tries to destroy others. And sin will fester and follow such anger (Prov. 13:10). We are also to stay away from such angry person; too easily we may find ourselves trapped in someone else’s anger. Anger like any strong emotions is intensified when shared by many. It is not Christian to be quarrelsome; it is best to experience the peace of God.

We cannot avoid anger in the world we live in; but if you practice what the bible teaches, you will learn to become slow to anger and practice longsuffering, we may also take control of the how much anger we experience and manage how we express our anger. Go see a professional if you need to., therapy often works but if your anger is not controlled there will be devastating spiritual, physical and psychological consequences. The best anger management, beyond what a professional can tell you, is to let the word of and the Holy Spirit of God tame you. It might save your relationships, jobs, ministries and health even your life (Read Eph:4:29-32).  


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