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Characteristics of a clean heart: it deals with sin

Part III

Text: Prov 28:13



Key concepts:

·       We are called to confess and repent from sins

·       Hidden sin is like a cancer.

·       Unconfessed sins are a shackle that bring God’s judgment

As a believer, if you notice that spiritually, emotionally and social that nothing is going well, if you go one step forward and three backwards; there is a definitely cause for this. You may raise this question, “what’s the matter with me?” We learn from 1 king 3:12 that the wise person has a wise heart. A person who is pure, also has a pure heart Ps. 24:4. We as Christians know that we cannot go on without a radical change, a transformation, a remedy to this condition. Our sick heart needs a cure. The remedy is a regenerated heart that the Lord himself gifts his children (Eze 36:25-26). What a Christian possess is a heart of flesh that God gave us to replace the heart of stone. Unless your heart is transformed and changed, you cannot willing obey God and will never be able to deal with sin in your life. If your life as a believer has no ups and downs all that you seem to taste, and experience is downs you need to check your heart. See if your heart transplant has really taken place, has your human body rejected the transplant?  We reject this new heart when we hang on to our sin, not confessing and repenting of them. You need to keep your new transplanted heart healthy and pure if you want it to function as it should. This heart will enable you to deal with sins; sin will not fester in you. Paul tells us not to have anything to do with the foolish and wicked (Eph 5:6-8) because a transformation has taken place enabling us to live as children of light. Are you a child of God? Does your attitude and words reflect that reality?

Sin will destroy the believer if not addressed, turning away from sin is the only way. Cultivating a heart that is pure will not only bring us to confess but also to turn away from sins. The desire to maintain a clean heart, should make us eager to forsake sin. Our instinct is to try to hide sins from God but hiding sins will destroy you like a cancer would and will draw God’s judgment upon you. We find Adam and Even after the Fall trying to hide their sins from God (Gen 3: 7-10) but he saw right through it. Even churches today deny the existence of sin and calling sins by other names (excuses, mistakes, inevitable weaknesses). If you don’t deal with your sins, it’s because you do not realize how much your sins have cost God. Paul in Romans 3:23, 25, explains how Jesus became the sacrifice to satisfy God’s justice due to our sins. Sins cost Jesus his life on the cross; as a result, we cannot abide in sins. Christ, by His sacrifice, has released us from the bondage of sin; we cannot simply go back to it. Does a slave that has been freed goes back of the shackles? Christ broke our chains and set us free to live for God alone. It is good to confess our sins, but it is far better to renounce them. As David found out, confession brings results, God’s forgiveness and mercy (Ps 51: 1-12.) However, as long as we keep making excuses and keep quiet we are concealing our problems, there will be no mercy available for those who deny their sins. Confession, repentance and trust in Christ is the way to go for the Christian. David’s agony is apparent in Ps 32 where he explains the physical (felt sick), spiritual (felt dead) and emotional (was depressed) consequences of his sins. Can you really worship and pray after you’ve offended God? The only way you can do so is through confession and repentance. The text tells that those who hide their sins will not prosper, prosper means to move forward, you will never know proper success in this live until you deal with the sins in your life.

How do you confess your sins? Confession means to recognize sin what it is, acknowledge before God and agree with Him that sin is what He says it is. Do not put varnish upon it but tell it as it is. And acknowledge that the only way to fix the situation is through the blood of Christ. For those who have a clean heart, we must confess our sins and repent to experience the joy that God promises. Confession and repentance are two necessary elements of the Christian life, neither can stand alone. For your restoration to be complete, you not only have to confess but turn away from your sins. The renouncing is the only genuine proof that you have repented of your sins. Once the sin is confessed and renounced, there is mercy available only via faith in Christ. Mercy is when we receive a favor we don’t deserve.

Hidden sins still retain the power to destroy us, to eat at us slowly and pollute us. We have all sinned and continue to sin and God knows this. We know that if we confess our sins God is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse us (1 jn 1 8-10). Hidden sins lead to an ineffective prayer life, for God will not listen while your sins festers in your life. In fact, it will bring judgement. Peter explains this well, (1 Pet 3:12) the eyes of the lord are upon the righteous to hear their prayer for his face is against the wicked. We can either continue in sin and meet the wrath of God or you can choose to confess our sins and repent and experience the goodness and blessings of God. Unconfessed sins of your life will eat away at you like a disease, you can pray and worship and fellowship, but it is all futile; unless you confess and repent there will be no blessings to enjoy (Ps 66:18). Make a resolution to be right with God about your sins, confess and renounce them so that you may know God’s grace and mercy and all his blessings.

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