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Dealing with the Experience and Expression of Anger

Text: Prov. 21:23; 27:3-4


Key Concepts:

·       Anger is common to all

·       There are six types of anger mentioned in the bible

·       Repressed anger can be a very destructive force  


We have learned previously that anger is one of the most frequently experienced emotions in the bible.  Every human being has experienced anger. Anger, out of control, is hard to endure. It is overwhelming. We experience anger for many different reasons.  Cain judged that GOD’s acceptance of Abel’s offering and rejection of his own was an irreversible failure. These feelings resulted in intense distress and withdrawal. Anger is a very serious emotion. We are therefore responsible to manage both the experience and expression of our anger.

Anger can illicit many different responses. When the bible speaks of the “gnashing of teeth”, it is a very serious expression of emotion. There are six prototypes of anger revealed in the bible. These are: Verbal attacks, physical attacks, nonphysical nonverbal attacks, uneasiness (crying and feelings of discomfort), internal withdrawal- when the person becomes detached from those around him/her, and lastly avoidance-suppressing the anger, trying not to express it.  There are three general aspects of anger even within our personal relationships. Aggressive anger is expressed when it is directed at an individual to hurt that person. This speaks of physical abuse. There is also passive anger, this is when someone rather than expressing the anger outwardly, internalizes the anger, suppressing it while appearing to be calm or without response. This person tries to avoid the anger, but it eats at him contributing much more anger. And though he may appear to be unphased externally, he is a ticking time bomb within. The last aspect is assertive anger. This is usually the best way to communicate feelings of anger, because anger is expressed directly in a nonthreatening way to whomever is involved.

Anger has a tendency to obliterate our ability to reason. Quietly ruminating on one’s anger is not the same as dealing with that anger. When internalized anger eats at the one who’s angry but does not completely fade, it simply accrues over time and eventually lead to disaster. Christians are often tempted to repress their anger thinking that it is the Christian thing to do but truthfully it is detrimental to relationships and to our physical health. When we hide our anger it also robs us of the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience. Remember that God asked Cain to examine himself and manage his anger. By doing so God offer Cain the opportunity to deal with his depression. Cain refused but instead chose to express his anger in a most sinful way. We often do destroy one another over our anger.

What then shall we do when we are angry? What is the bible way to deal with our anger? Anger can easily turn into abuse when mishandled. Be angry and do not sin (Eph: 4:26) and do not let the sun go down on your anger. This is a functional imperative meaning that there is a condition, but a concession is also given. The verse then flows like this ‘though you might be angry make sure to not sin.’  It is God’s will to live peacefully with one another, he made provision for our anger, nonetheless. Therefore, because you are angry it does not mean you have to lose control and do something horrible. According to the exhortation, we are to permit and restrict anger at the same time. The Holy Spirit makes this possible, we can face anger without surrendering our will to it. In order to keep the anger from fester to the point of sin against God we are not to let the sun set over our anger. Sunset in the old testament was the time limit to complete all human tasks and activities for the day. By all sunset all debts were to be settled. Paul is telling us by this that we have enough time till sunset to reconcile and move on. We should not be enslaved by our emotions but rather have control of it.  Paul is warning us also not to nurse our anger.

The next exhortation warns us against giving the devil a foothold in our lives which entails dealing with the anger immediately. The devil is an opportunist, without an opportunity he has no opening to interfere with us. Anger is an emotion that can cause serious inner turbulence; when fed it create an urge for vengeance hence the need to use hurtful words. The devil is then given his opportunity to wreak havoc. One of the expressions of anger is verbal expression but anger may lead to more anger. Instead of harsh words, when we are angry, we should “keep our mouth” (prov 21:23). Having been created in the image of God, we have both emotions and will. To avoid trouble, we simply need control the words exiting our lips. Don’t just pray for things, pray God for a changed character.

The formula is very clear, we are to keep watch over the door of our lips; keep our hearts, mind and conscious clean and it will remain clear of distress and guilt. The bible forbids us to revert to anger as an act of defense. We are not to avenge ourselves and agree to suffer abuse from some in order to put the justice of God in display. You have a right to protect yourself from every abuse and abuser but at the same time you have a responsibility for what you do. We are as well accountable for provoking others to anger. The bible condemns the law of retaliation, we are to trust our vengeance to God. It is not pacifism, there is such thing as righteous anger but when that’s the case, wise men quietly hold back and think twice to avoid impulsivity.


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