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Final greetings: Peace and Grace Be with You All

Text: 2 Thess. 3:16- 18

Key Concepts:

  • The depth of the grace of God
  • The Lord who is our Peace – the Jehovah shalom
  • Paul’s farewell and benediction

Paul wrote the second letter to the Thessalonian church to debunk the false doctrines that were deliberately being spread among them. This came in the form of a letter forged to appear as though it was from Paul. However, the message of the fake letter was not consistent with Paul’s previous teachings. The false teachers (author of the misleading letter) exploited the people’s suffering and persecution to create confusion. The Thessalonians were very distressed as well. Paul, to reassure the believers, reminded them of the sequence of events that would herald the return of the Lord. He reaffirmed their standing in Christ in faith and thus dispelled their doubts and misunderstanding. Paul also encouraged them to stand firm in the traditional foundations of their spiritual lives. Towards the end of the letter, Paul addressed some disciplinary measures for the church to apply then concludes with a blessing.

The depth of the grace of God

Paul validates the authenticity of his letter by calling the congregation’s attention to his signature. “The salutation of Paul with my own hand…” (2 Thess. 3:17, NKJV). Otherwise, he signs off this letter very similarly to the previous one by emphasizing the peace and grace of God. Although Paul seems to end both letters in a similar fashion, the word “peace” in this letter bears a particular motivation and a specific circumstance he had to respond to. The motivation here is slightly different because of what the believers were experiencing at the time. The concepts of grace and peace actually summarize the Christian life from beginning to the end. Indeed, everything we receive from God is by His grace; and through His grace we experience His peace. Grace is the entry door into God’s kingdom because everything the Christian owns and is begins with a gracious God who goes out of His way to seek us out. Grace, by definition, speaks of God’s undeserved favor. The truth of the grace we have received affects how we go about rest of our lives and defines our relationships with others. The more we operate under the grace of God, the more we understand our condition, the more we appreciated the love of God. Grace is therefore a constant theme throughout Scripture: We are saved by grace (Eph. 2:8-9). By grace we serve God, we live and breathe. By grace we have hope of eternal life. It is also by grace that God hears our voice when we pray. This grace follows us throughout of our lives and enables us to walk with the Lord. Every deliverance is evidence of the grace of God. Without grace we would still be living under God’s’ wrath, awaiting His judgment while wallowing in the quagmire of our sins. The grace of God protects, strengthens, preserves, and sustains us. Because we have received this grace, we can extend this same grace to others. Knowing we have His favor, reassures us in time of trials, persecution, and difficulty. Evidently, our grace should never be taken for granted. God’s grace, as John Newton taught us in his song, is indeed amazing and powerful. Grace should be a constant prayer in our lives. It should keep us humble, grateful, and zealous for our God.

The Lord who is our Peace – the Jehovah shalom

God is the Lord of our peace because He is the source and provider of our peace. Apart from Him, there is no peace. In Fact, He is the author of our peace; the one who causes us to be at peace with Him. God is also the preserver of our peace. The peace Paul prayed for the Thessalonians had several motivations. First, since they were troubled because they were living in a time of anxiety, fear, persecution, and tribulation, they had great need for inner peace. Additionally, due to its internal issues, the church needed peace that come from disciplinary actions as well. Paul prayed for a perfect peace in the lives of the believers not only to cover every area of their lives, but to be constant. How can we have constant peace in this world? Because God is immutable, the peace He provides is constant (does not depend on circumstances). He has reconciled us, His children, to Him forever. This peace is constant and eternal. God also guarantees the tranquility of our hearts. No matter the chaos around us, when we remain constant in Him, our peace will also be constant. Moreover, there are the different aspects of His peace. First there’s the peace of conscience which comes by only through repentance. When God forgives us, He removes our sins from us (Ps. 103:12). Then there is the peace that results from being in the will of God (from surrendering ourselves to God). There is also the peace that comes from the unity between brethren (Ps. 133:1). Likewise, there is the peace of a restful mind (Phil. 4:6-7). This peace is rooted in our trust in God. When we trust in God, no matter the circumstances, “Though billows roll He keeps my soul”. Indeed, trusting God causes us to hope in Him.

In conclusion…

Paul’s farewell and benediction

The test of true peace is that it remains even in the midst of the storm. True peace is not when everything is going well. in fact, when everything has gone awry, when it seems there is no hope, where there is but chaos to be had around us, true peace reminds us that God is still in control. True peace is to dwell in “the secret place of the Most High” (Ps. 91:1, NKJV). Therefore, do not wait for your circumstances to change. There will always be chaos and heartache in this world. But if your trust remains constant in the God that does not and cannot change, not only will you experience peace constantly, but you will have it in every aspect of your live. Paul concludes “The Lord be with you all” (2 Thess. 3:16, NKJV). This is a cry for the child of God to be in the constant presence of God. This should be our incessant prayer as well. For, in the presence of God, we are protected, we will have peace in the middle of the storms. God’s Spirit will guide us. His power will sustain us. God’s presence also guarantees that His children will never again be lost. His presence is the assurance of His grace and peace. Indeed, may His grace, peace and blessings be with us always.

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