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The Encouraging Results of The Church's Response to The Word.

Part II

Text: 1 Thess. 2:17-20

Key Concepts:

  • God is faithful as a promise maker and always fulfill HIS words.
  • Our adversary, the devil, is always working to obstruct the work of GOD.
  • We should be wise, prudent and seek the right alternatives to continue our ministry.


               The church of Thessalonica was exposed to the persecution by the Judaic Jews. The church was encouraged by Paul to remain faithful and reminded them that the Jews had always posed a threat to Christianity (1 Thess. 2:15-16). Throughout history, many declared that the Jews killed Jesus (Acts 2,3) as an excuse to commit atrocities against them. This is a sin called anti-Semitism which is hatred toward the Jews. This should have no place in the heart of a child of God. Hatred of any group is a horrible sin that does not belong in the church; especially when such hatred is based on ethnicity, wrong interpretation of the bible, and misguided interpretation of history. One of the greatest enemies of the Jews, Adolph Hitler, killed over six million Jews. He partly justified this horrendous holocaust, one of the greatest crimes against humanity, by quoting some Christians who misinterpreted Scripture.  Some of the reformed tradition today, continue to use this misguided interpretation which continuously fuels the hatred. They also teach the theology of replacement which claims that God has replaced the Jews by the Church. Scripture, in fact, does not support this allegation. Historically there has been a rift between Israel and the Church; the Jews were the first to persecute Christians. Judaism considered Christianity a threat against the integrity of the religion. Since the Jews rejected Christ, anyone who would follow Him, would face the same hostility, the same persecution. Paul is the prime example of such persecution against Christians, as he himself has asserted many a time. Throughout Scripture however, it is evident that God’s covenant with Israel is eternal. Every promise, we Christians, claim as our own today, was made to Israel. If God, the promise maker, refutes these same promises, how can we trust Him? The reason we can trust God and His faithfulness is that He is not a promise breaker, instead He is immutable and faithful. This is evident in the fact that God is still loyal to a rebellious Israel (Gen. 12:1-3).  The day will come when Israel will be saved by grace through faith, just like the rest of us, and one day, as one nation, we will praise God together. God is not through with Israel (Is. 54:10).

               Paul’s separation from the Thessalonian church was sudden due to the persecution by the Judaic Jews (Acts 17:4-5, 13-15); leaving the young Christians to their own devices (1Thess. 2:17-18). This caused him to worry about their spiritual well-being. This obviously proves that Paul had a loving relationship with them. What kind of bond do you have with those who serve with you? Do you have a spiritual bond with them?  All Christians called to serve God have Satan as an adversary. If he does not pay attention to you, it is because you pose no threat to his kingdom (2 Tim. 3:12). The adversary’s job is to seek to oppose God’s work; and sometimes he does succeed. Jesus, however, promised that we would overcome the world and have the final victory. In the meantime, there are obstacles that we need to face and hindrances to our ministries to overcome. Why does God allow it? He does so sometimes to test our faithfulness. The enemy will bring opposition both within and outside of the church. However, he cannot hinder God indefinitely. The work will continue, but sometimes, we will suffer setbacks even when we act by the will of God. What do you do when you are facing obstacles and oppositions? Paul did two things, he wisely stayed away to preserve his life. He did not take the risk in the name of God.  That would have been presumptuous and foolish. Even while doing the will of God, we have to be wise and prudent. There is a difference between standing up for your convictions in the face of danger and risking one’s life foolishly when danger is near. No child of God will deny their convictions because of danger. However, in the face of harmful conditions and direct risks, the child of God with wait and pray for God to open doors. God may or may not choose to protect you. He may take you home and simply choose another to do the work. Paul was hindered, however the work progressed. And that is why when you are facing obstacles, it is good to make other plans. Paul found an alternative in writing to the Thessalonian Christians rather than visiting them. Even in his absence the Holy Spirit was working in the life of the church. Consequently, the congregation remained firm in their faith and in service. This indeed was very encouraging to Paul.

Paul’s hope was to present these Christians before God blameless and mature in the faith. It is the hope that what GOD had begun in them would be made perfect in Christ (1 Thess. 2:19-20). Paul was not boasting, rather he was expressing his joy and expectancy to present that church to Christ as the fruit of his ministry. He was looking forward to the crown he will receive as a reward from Jesus for his service, a crown to offer back to his Lord. So, let us endeavor to maintain the bond of peace. Let’s be wise and find alternatives when there are obstacles to our ministries. Let’s maintain the passion and eagerness to be together in service to our Lord. Do not seek temporal rewards, but rather look forward to the crown of glory with which we will be honored to worship The Lord Jesus Christ.

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