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The Encouraging Results of The Church's Response to The Word

Part I

1 Thess. 2:13-16

Key Concepts:

  • The word of God is the only means to make a difference and produce results in the Church.
  • In rejecting the word of God, one rejects God Himself.
  • Those who reject God stand condemned in His presence.

               If you were resident of the region of Macedonia and were on the market for an ideal church that could encourage you to grow spiritually through the knowledge and the application of the word of God, through appropriate spiritual accountability; if you were looking for a church to teach you how to be faithful in difficult time, to persevere through hardship and persecution, you would have been directed to the Thessalonian church. They were a church who met God’s standards for an ideal (not perfect) church (1 Thess. 1-2). They were growing toward perfection. The most notable criteria that made them an ideal church was the role of the word of God in the life of the congregation. Indeed, the word of God must be at the core of the leadership and the life of an ideal church with everything else in a secondary position. No human gimmicks or strategies can make the church of Jesus Christ grow. The manner in which the people received and accept God’s word caused Paul to rejoice. The word transformed their lives (1 Thess. 2: 13-16).

            The people did not give Paul reasons to question his ministry. For it was obvious what the word was doing in their lives. Paul in return also enabled them, by his conduct and ministry, to receive the word without hindrance. This mutual respect, love and encouragement between leaders and congregants is necessary for communal collaboration in ministry. Otherwise, there will be issues, such as the problems of personalities and attitudes or maybe the word not given the opportunity to produce fruits.  There should never be issues of animosity, quarrels and fights between the leaders and the congregation, for that’s counterproductive to one’s spiritual life. The Thessalonians not only received the word but welcomed it in their lives, which means they did not simply listen with their ears but with their hearts as well. When God speaks to you as His child, how do you respond? Do you answer with positive obedience or with stubborn rebellion? We must have an open heart with the disposition to follow God’s word. You must not create excuses to enable your rebellion, such as attributing God’s word to men in order to feel justified in rejecting it. What excuse do you make to reject His word? When you obey scripture, you obey God Himself not men; but when you reject it you equally reject God not men. However, when you submit to God’s word, you have nothing to fear. Stop making excuses, you cannot fool God.

God had to use men to write the bible in order that, as humans, we could understand its language and culture; however, that does not make it the word of men. In fact, all scripture is given by God’s inspiration for specific purposes (2 Tim. 3:16-17).  Our job is to study it under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to enable our understanding and sensitize our hearts for the purpose of applying it in our lives. When you reject the principles of the word, no matter your other achievements, you stand condemned before an angry God (1 Pet. 1:20-21). As a church, how committed are we to the word of God? One should approach the word with reverence, because your attitude toward the word speaks to how you feel about God. The word teaches us about His will for us, how to please and worship Him. The word helps us to keep an equilibrium between our lives and the character of God. Whatever causes an imbalance in that relationship, should be rejected so that the equilibrium is maintained. This requires a constant adjustment, according to the word, in one’s personality, attitudes, actions and ministry to fit the character of God and the integrity of the word. This is the only way to live a life worthy of the gospel. What is your attitude toward the bible? Many books have been written, but only one can change lives. But when there is no respect for God’s word, there cannot be any transformation. Indeed, the word produces amazing results when it is believed and accepted. It has changed the lives of prostitutes, drug dealers and wicked people. It works for those who believe and apply it. Paul witnessed how powerful the gospel is, which is why he declared that he was not ashamed of it (Rom. 1:16).

            It is crucial to follow God’s word but it as important to find good models in other believers to emulate (1 Thess. 2: 14). The Thessalonians learned from the Judean Christians how to thrive and persevere in persecution. They knew that God who gave them the courage to be faithful could do likewise for them. Who are you following? Find those who know how to courageously stand for their convictions to follow; men who demonstrate resolve, perseverance and endurance even while under pressure. We need to imitate people who know how to stand for the truth even if they have to lose everything in this life; people who follow Christ. There are those who don’t think twice about spreading their venom and sabotaging others. Such people stand under God’s judgement for they are guilty of a double sin. They make it their business to keep other from growing in the faith. If you are one of those, be warned. God does not take such thing lightly.

                  Consider these questions: What role does the word of God play in your life, in your marriage, in the life of your children? How do you receive God’s word?  Do you receive it with just your ears or with your heart as well? After spending all this time in church, what transformation has the word produce in your life? Are you an obstruction to its effectiveness? Who are you following? Are you a good model for others to follow? Where do you get the inspiration for your marriage, your worship, for your relationship with Christ, your attitude in church? What does it cost you to follow Jesus Christ? Are you a people-pleaser who fears rejection, or do you say, ‘since Christ was despised, forsaken, abandoned, crucified and died for my sake, I can endure all other sufferings for His glory?” My prayer for us all, is that we can be a congregation that glorifies God and a church whose life has been transformed by the word of God.

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