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The Motives and the Conduct of God's Messenger

Part 1

Text: 1 Thess. 2:1-7

Key concepts:

  • Each Christian is a church for Christ.
  • An ideal church is not perfect but is a church that functions on the precepts of God.
  • A real church is distinguished by certain distinctive characteristics.
  • As Christians, we long for God’s approval not men’s.

                    What is the ideal church? What are its characteristics? We are not referring to a perfect church. The Church of Christ is being made gradually perfect through sanctification by the Word of God in order that one day it may be presented as blameless (Eph. 5: 27). Thessalonica is given to us as an ideal church that should be imitated. One must understand that by church, we do not mean the building but the very people. The church is made of people who are distinguished by a certain set of unique characteristics. The church of Thessalonica was ideal because of its members who fulfilled the expectations that God requires of His church. Thessalonica offered evidence of being an ideal church. First, they rejoiced the heart of the apostle. Indeed, an ideal church encourages its leaders and cause them to be thankful to God rather than causing them misery. Thessalonica also reveals to us three virtues that must characterize every Christian in an ideal church. These stand as evidence of their faith: 1. A working faith. 2. A love that motivates their labor. 3. A hope that endures persecution without offending God, that also allows them to maintain their convictions without compromise. They received the word with joy in spite of their trials and tribulations. They also spread the word in their region, their testimony was well known. They were a real church, meaning the church housed true Christians who turned from idols to serve the living God in expectation of the return of Christ. Are you an evidence of what God is looking for in His Church?

                       The first characteristic of an ideal church is the testimony of its members (1 Thess. 1: 3-10). Another trait of an ideal church is ideal leaders. Leaders must be held accountable for their leadership. They must also possess certain characteristics. Ultimately, God alone is the judge of motives and purposes; He will not be fooled. The leadership of this church has two motivations for service:  the fear of God and the love of Christ (2 Cor. 5: 10,14). You have a right and duty to challenge your leaders when their lives are not consistent with the message they preach from the Word of God. After all, your soul is at stake. In fact, the testimony of your leaders affects your own. Paul defended his motives for his ministry for that very reason (1 Thess. 2:1-7, Acts 16-17). He did not want the Thessalonians to be distracted and discouraged by the naysayers. Paul reminded them that his boldness in preaching the Word of God was based on his desire to do God’s will. Boldness in preaching the word can only stand on integrity and holy living. Indeed, the gospel must be preached without compromise or any gimmicks. The methods of ministry used must be consistent to the message. The preacher, to achieve this, must live a life worthy of the gospel. There is no room for deceit in the gospel of Christ. As a church, we make decisions and established rules based on these three rationales: 1. It must have a biblical mandate. 2. It must have biblical precedence. 3. It must have a biblical principle. Every rule established must be governed by the word of God. We worship and manage God’s finances based on biblical principles. We live in transparency, feel free to challenge the leadership of the church. Our books (accounting) can be reviewed by anyone.  We do ministry God’s way because that’s the way it must be done. There is no room for personal gain, interests and/or agendas. We do this for the glory of God and for the sake of your souls. These same criteria, you should take with you wherever you worship.

                      Ministry is not about receiving men’s approval but about pleasing God. People pleasers have no identities or personalities and stand for nothing. But a shepherd, as a mother, cares for, nourishes and disciplines the souls he’s entrusted with.  God’s approval, as Job said (23), is as gold refined in fire. Remember, as servants we are stewards of God’s blessings/affairs and will have to give an account before Him. An ideal church begins with the right leaders having the right characteristics. Those who are seeking men’s approval cannot please God. If you are following your carnal desires and fear rejection, you cannot be a servant of Christ. If your ministry is about the compliments and applause you receive, you will not be able to honor Christ; for He was rejected and despised by men. Why should you, His follower, expect better? In fact, the rejection and opposition are indications that you are doing something right. Ultimately it is God’s approval alone that will matter. Forget the adoring crowd, rather fix your eyes on Christ. For the sake of souls and for the glory of God, let’s do all we do to please God; for He alone is worthy of all glory, power and honor forever.

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