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The Testimony of the Church.

Part 2.

Text: 1 Thess. 1:6-10

Key Concepts:

  • Our suffering is not by accident; it is by the purpose and will of God.
  • Conversion means to turn away from idols toward God to worship and serve Him.
  • We do not need to know everything about Christ to live by faith or to share the gospel.

                          Too often Christians become depressed and weak in faith when severe trials and tribulations come, they will then start to wander looking for deliverance. This is either because they don’t know what God is doing or cannot make sense of what they are going through or because they refuse to accept what is going on in their lives. We need to know as Christians that God controls our lives; this is not a cliché but truth. There are no accidents in the Christian’s life, everything happens for a reason. God has good reason for us and our loved ones, community and church to suffer and go through trials. God does everything for a reason; and everything God does is good. He cannot do wrong. We may not know His reasons but when we submit ourselves under His will, we may come to understand His doing. According to the pattern of the church of Thessalonica, a church’s testimony is invaluable when it becomes an example of faithfulness in suffering.  It is our prayer that our own church would follow in their footsteps.

                         Paul gave thanks to God for this church’s testimony. A testimony given to us as an example of what God expects from us as believers. Paul mentioned, in the preceding verses, the Christian virtues that define the church of Thessalonica. This was evidently a church who lived by their Christian convictions. They knew what, why and in whom they believed; which allowed them to stand firm under pressure. Indeed, the only thing that can help withstand life’s turmoil, is your knowledge of who God is. When your boat begins to or does sink, it is crucial to know who else is in there with you. The gospel of Jesus Christ was the foundation upon which the Thessalonians built their faith. This belief they demonstrated, Paul stated, is simply because they were elect of God. By election, he is referring to a mission/purpose God has for a particular chosen group of people. Christians are elected not just to be saved but also to be an instrument in the hand of God. This doctrine of election or predestination is prominent throughout the bible. It refers to foreknowledge and free will, simply to say nothing happens by accident but that God has planned it so, and that He controls everything from beginning to end as the only eternal God. Outside of God nothing else exists.

                        What is the proof of election by God? The Thessalonians turned from false gods to worship Christ (1 Thess. 1:9-10); only an elect of God can turn from the world to accept Jesus Christ as lord and savior. This is an act of faith which proves their election. The message of the gospel is one of transformation. The message demands an internal response which is the converting of what you were before into someone else; effectively making one into a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). Having received the message of the gospel one’s lifestyle then changes radically. Three steps must be evident in the life of every person who’s been changed in such a way: 1. There is a decisive break from idols. 2. As a result of that, one turns toward the living God (which means conversion) to serve Him. 3. One patiently waits for Christ, as the new hope. 

                 Apparently, Paul spent three weeks in Thessalonica preaching Christ, during that time he encountered life-threatening hostility but was productive. This should teach us to be diligent with whatever time we are given when doing God’s work. The Thessalonians as a result of being receiving the gospel, not only served each other, but went on to become evangelists and missionaries. They did this although their knowledge of Christ was lacking. Yet the little they knew was sufficient to live by faith and serve persistently. Their lives had the genuine quality of endurance and perseverance, which testifies to the power of the gospel. Christian service is not about feeling good or another’s approval but about being faithful to God. These were also believers who were looking forward to Christ’s return. Paul being mindful of their Hellenistic philosophical Greek culture when addressing them, was purposefully in telling them about Christ being the only begotten Son of God raised from the dead.  The Greeks were believers of many gods and had their version of a better life after death. It was not hard for them to believe in the biblical version of a better life after death. They then began to face persecution. A persecution they expected to come as a result of their conversion. Yet, they received the message with joy. Jesus in the gospel of john (17) warned his disciples of such persecution. Accepting the gospel does bear its own consequences. One has to have personal conviction to do so. But God gives joy to His own even in the midst of trials, tribulations and persecution.

                 As God’s elects, we are models, instruments made capable of helping others turn to Him. It is God’s purpose to fashion us in His likeness for the sake of others. We belong to Him not ourselves. He uses us to bless others even through our difficult circumstances. Our Christ-like behaviors and reactions must be evident as a testimony to others. Faith influences not only immediate environment but the community at large. We are turned from idols to the living God in service with our eyes fixed toward heaven in eagerness of His return. That is the call of the elect.  May we be found faithful to the end.


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