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Beloved in Christ,  May the grace and the peace of God be with you all
This is Pastor Alexandre,
In light of the spread of the Coronavirus and following the instructions from the World Health Organization ( WHO) and government officials, especially the Governor of Massachusetts, Governor Baker,   we will not gather together in the Church Sanctuary for Worship Service for this Sunday March 15 or Next Sunday March 22.
Instead, you will be able to follow the service directly online by going to the Church Website TBC1997.org, via YouTube by typing TBC1997 or via  1-646-876-9923 Then follow the prompt and enter this Meeting Code 439 128 0761.
We are urging you to stay Home and follow all the necessary measures to protect yourself and your loved ones from being contaminated with the virus.
Again, Follow the service in Direct online TBC1997.org, via YouTube by typing TBC 1997 or via Telephone  1-646-876-9923 Then follow the prompt and enter this Meeting Code 439 128 0761.
The Broadcast will begin at our habitual hour 10:45 Am.   
We look forward to worshiping together with you from a Distance for the glory of God and our spiritual growth.
God bless you all

What Child is This? I Am The True Vine

Text: John 15: 1-6

Key concepts:

  • Christ identified himself as the true vine and his Father the vinedresser.
  • The branches (Christians) must cling to the true vine to bear fruit and live.
  • Christianity is about the relationship between Savior and saved.

            In Galatians chapter four (4:4), Paul presents a rough outline of God’s salvation plan through Christ. This is a reference to the first Christmas when God in Christ revealed Himself to be not only the source and sustainer of life, but also the goal of history for the all of creation. Upon this confession of faith, the early church used it as affirmation for the celebration of the incarnation of Christ. This time was designated by The Father for His Son to come into His inheritance of the world. This established the first foundational stone for the doctrine of justification by faith. Christ born under The Law to redeem sinners which brings the fulfilment of The Law.  Salvation is then near for those who believe, and judgement nears for the unbelievers. Christ is born king of Israel, savior of the world. In establishing this truth to humanity, Christ told the world and Israel that unless they trust that He is, they would perish in their sins. Jesus means that it is an opportunity to decide for him or else your future is insecure. Because the sin of unbelief is the root of all of life’s failures. The people then did heed this warning, and neither do people now. In those days, this warning led to theological arguments, which then gave rise to what are called the ultimate questions of life. Upon finding out about the child that was born, the question then became, “what child is this.” Jesus answered, “I am the true vine” (Jn 15:1-6).

            One cannot appreciate the Christmas story, without understanding the person and work of Jesus Christ. The Hebrew nation in the Old Testament were called the vine; this we learn from the prophets that Israel was brought up by God as a vine (Ps 80:8, Is. 5:7 Jer. 2:21, Ezek. 19:10).   The vine was used as emblem of the Jewish nation, but that vine failed to live in harmony with Christ and that caused the prophets to lament. The vine of the Old Testament represents the covenant that God made with Abraham. The disciples knew this. They incessantly sought to find out if Christ is the promised Messiah. Jesus then used what they already knew to give them the irrefutable confirmation of his identity. As those redeemed by God, as the vine planted by God Himself, he expects a harvest in the form of justice and righteousness which would reflect the character of God. This is expected as the outcome of the blessing given to His people. In the time of Isaiah, God could not find that harvest; the vine was a deception. Jesus’s statement uses this imagery to remind them that he is the true vine, His Father the vinedresser and the disciples the branches attached to the vine. The vinedresser has control over the vine whereas the branches exist in relationship to the vine. One of the most important aspects of the true vine is the relationship; for, that relationship dictates how the branches live. The branches do not exist on their own but in the context of that established relationship. This implies a personal relationship. There is a vital harmony expressed in that relationship. The branches are wholly dependent upon the vine for support and nourishment.  Unless the branches abide on the vine, they will not produce any fruit.

            If you want to understand who Christ is, know that the Christian occurs in the presence of Christ.  Without abiding in Him, there is no Christian life. Humanity, believing in their self-existence and complete autonomy to become whatever they please, cannot succeed. Indeed, the glory of God will depart from us when as branches we do not abide in Him as he’s commanded us to. The Christian life means a life of dependency on the presence of Christ. In fact, that is why the angel prophesied, 500 years before the birth of Christ, “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel” which means ‘God is with us’ (Is. 7:14, ESV). There is no life outside of the presence of God. Abiding speaks of the profound life changing relationship, a connection that is not meant to be detached.  It is an everlasting and constant fellowship. It is about an eternal friendship between redeemer and the redeemed. It is expressed through worship. The Christian, in worship, testifies that he/she lives in submission to the lordship of Christ.  If you don’t live in submission to His lordship, your songs, service and gifts are not worship. Worship also implies trust and obedience to God. To the Christian, Christ is his/her life, He is the source and sustainer of his/her life. That is the meaning Christmas conveys for us. Jesus is the creator of all life and all life depends on Him. It is arrogant to think otherwise. The Christian life exists within the power of Christ. Only through Jesus can we fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. The Christian must live a life of purpose; a life that agrees with what God is working through him/her. This is made evident by Christ’s presence in one’s life and by the desires of one’s heart for God.

What does abiding in Christ produce in our lives? It means to live according to God’s precepts. This will cause the branch to be fruitful. However, all unfruitful branches are useless and therefore destroyed by the vinedresser. Indeed, if we aren’t living up to our calling, we will then fail to live according to God’s plan. The purpose of our lives is not what we say it is, but what HE demands of us. We do not bear fruit of our choosing but to glorify God we must be fruitful according to his will. The true vine is full of good fruit, so that those who are attached to it will produce the very same fruit. Jesus told the disciples “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you" (Jn 20:21); meaning he expected the disciples to follow in his footsteps, that is to do the job HIS way. He meant for them to be a life-giver to those who were dead spiritually. What kind of fruit are you producing with the resources God has given to you? Abiding is Christ will also cause your prayer life to be effective (Jn 15:7). When we remain in Him, we will bear the fruit by the power of the Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23.)

The joy Christ gives is not a seasonal joy; it permanent, eternal. We ask you to follow not a man or a philosophy, but we invite you to Bethlehem, to the manger to see what the Lord has done. What child is this? He is the true vine that gives life. If you are a follower, what do you have to show for it? Is God glorified in your life? Are you living in his power, presence and by his precepts? If you are not keeping his commandments, you will not experience the true joy of Christmas. You will not have the joy that lasts beyond the season. If you don’t know him, take the opportunity to meet him. Make a decision for Christ today and your life will never be the same.


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