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Beloved in Christ,  May the grace and the peace of God be with you all
This is Pastor Alexandre,
In light of the spread of the Coronavirus and following the instructions from the World Health Organization ( WHO) and government officials, especially the Governor of Massachusetts, Governor Baker,   we will not gather together in the Church Sanctuary for Worship Service for this Sunday March 15 or Next Sunday March 22.
Instead, you will be able to follow the service directly online by going to the Church Website TBC1997.org, via YouTube by typing TBC1997 or via  1-646-876-9923 Then follow the prompt and enter this Meeting Code 439 128 0761.
We are urging you to stay Home and follow all the necessary measures to protect yourself and your loved ones from being contaminated with the virus.
Again, Follow the service in Direct online TBC1997.org, via YouTube by typing TBC 1997 or via Telephone  1-646-876-9923 Then follow the prompt and enter this Meeting Code 439 128 0761.
The Broadcast will begin at our habitual hour 10:45 Am.   
We look forward to worshiping together with you from a Distance for the glory of God and our spiritual growth.
God bless you all

What child is this? “I am the bread of life.”

Text: John 6:32-59

Key concepts:

  • Christ is sufficient for his own.
  • God always provides for his children.
  • The I am statements of John point exclusively to Jesus Christ

What child is this? This is the question of the season. In fact, it has been the question for the last two centuries. This question forces us to identify the person in work of Jesus Christ. If you have never raised that question for yourself, take opportunity of this season to find an answer; your life depends on it. your eternity hangs in the balance of the answer to that question. Jesus answered that question by identifying himself in a series of ‘I am’ statements found in the gospel of John. What child is this? “I am the bread of life” (Jn 6:35).

The Jews provoked this statement when they asked Jesus for a sign (Jn 6:30); although they had witnessed the great miracle of the feeding of five thousand. Those whose hearts are hardened by unbelief, regardless of how many miracles witnessed, will remain unmoved. A miracle may solve a current problem, but more miracles will be asked for to solve emerging issues. The false teachers out there know this well, they upgrade their gimmicks to prey on people’s weaknesses. Sadly, those with such hardened hearts are not seeking after Christ but only the benefits he provides. The Jews were not seeking after miracles in order to believe, rather, they wanted to justify their rejection of Jesus. In verse 31, they alluded to a situation in Exodus sixteen (16:4); where God blesses Israel with Manna in the dessert. In the following verse, Jesus assured them that God was the source of the miracle not Moses the mediator. The Jews by mentioning the manna miracle, were revealing their understanding of Messiah’s role, as the one foretold to fulfil the promises and prophesies of the Old Testament. To some extent, they were right, but they were wrong in thinking that bread would keep falling down on the earth. God still provides manna via our daily labor; we cannot just wait around for manna. Indeed, whether through our paychecks or the generosity of others, God will always provide for his children. There is no need to chase miracles to receive God’s provision. He’s made provision for each and every one of his children and impart it according to his will. He’s made provision for healing via the knowledge given to doctors and other scientists. The knowledge that God gives is to be used for the benefit of his people. We benefit from his provision through our diligent labor and the application of our knowledge. Miracles happen daily by the strength that God has already given us. The Jews because of their unbelief missed the point.

John, through the ‘I am’ statements, shows how Christ as Messiah fulfilled the requirements, promises and prophesies of the Old Testament. These statements (“I am the way. I am the truth. I am the light. I am the true shepherd”) are definite and exclusive. Jesus never said that he is one of the doors but that he is the door; he is the only means of access to God. In fact, John adds emphasis to the definitive articles to make it even more exclusive; “I am the true shepherd.” During the time when the Jews celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles, John used the occasion to show how these types were fulfilled in Christ. The gospel of John focused on proving the deity of Jesus as son of God particularly when it comes to the “I am the bread of life” statement (Jn 6:35). In the tabernacle, in those days, there were the holy and the holiest places. There were several pieces of furniture in the holy place, one of which was the candlestand where light was kept; Christ referred to that in saying that he is the light. There was also the table of fresh bread that was exclusively reserved for the priests. These things of the tabernacle saw their fulfilment in the person of Jesus Christ. In stating that he was the bread, Christ wasn’t simply referring to the manna but also to the bread found in the holy place which symbolizes the sustenance God provided for his people. This same metaphor is repeated throughout the passage (verses 32 and 33, 35, 41, 50, 51, 58); all to say that Christ is the ultimate sustenance that the people were waiting for and needed.

In making this statement, Christ was referred to his divine origin. Indeed, he was born miraculously from Mary and Joseph her husband, but his true origin is not earthly. One has to go beyond Bethlehem to understand who Christ is. The Jews complained, unable to understand that their prayers were fulfilled in the person of Jesus. They thought his statement very daring. What puzzled them most was that in the Old Testament, coming down from heaven meant that God lowered himself to the level of men (Gen. 11: 4, 7, 18:21, Ex. 3:8, 19:20, Ps 18:19). They could not understand nor accept this, hence they rejected Jesus. However, they understood that Christ was claiming deity.

Some are looking for Jesus Christ but have their own idea of whom he ought to be and what he should do, thinking the manger is too humble and miserable. But if he did not come down to our level, how would we receive him?  If he did not humble himself, people like you and I would not have received him. However out of his grace and mercy, he became and lived like us so that when we pray, he can sympathize with us. Being the bread of life that came from heaven means that what you are looking for, what will satisfy you and solve your problem, what will give you peace, joy and happiness isn’t a thing but a person. Instead of chasing after signs, wealth and pleasure, pursue Christ. And if you already have Christ, then stop complaining. This is not a cliché; for, even when things are going badly in our lives, we still can praise God. We have the bread of life, so we have everything. Do not pursue perishable things at the expense of the true bread. This will always cause you disappointment. Have you found him? Are you seeking him in all the places? Or are you seeking after his miracles but not him? He is the bread of life who satisfies with eternal joy, peace, love, contentment even in the absence of what the world offers. You may not get material abundance, but he will satisfy you soul with life. Let the world see the true joy, peace and the satisfaction you have this season. Let them see the joy that lasts beyond the season. Indeed, we have the gift of eternal life, eternal joy, eternal peace; no circumstances can change that.





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