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The Necessity of Thanksgiving

Text: 1 Cor. 1:4-9


Key Concepts:

  • God is the author of all goodness that we benefit from.
  • Thanksgiving is about the giver not what is given.
  • We can thankful for God’s grace no matter our circumstances.
  • God is the object of our thanksgiving.


          What is thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is a response to God for his blessings. The fundamental note of Christian worship is the blessing of God in our lives. Thankfulness always starts with the desire to give God the credit due to Him for what he’s done in his goodness. It requires a decisive effort on our part. The focus in thanksgiving is on what God has done on our behalf; it takes the God centered perspective in praise and applies to our individual lives. We, then come to realize that God, who is at work in every area of our lives; for we know that only by his grace do many things in our lives come to be. Thanksgiving is the highlight in everything that the Christian does. We owe our very existence to God. Paul expresses this in every epistle he’s written. He also teaches us that thanksgiving is to be focused on the giver and not what is given. God, to Paul, is the author of all mercies who deserves all praise and he is thankful to God for his grace; particularly for his salvation and every gift given. Paul is also mindful of the fact that apart from God, we would not be who we are nor have what we have. His focus in thanksgiving is the faithfulness of God. True Christian service is not so much about our duty to Christ that it is an expression of our gratitude to him.

        The church of Corinth was plagued by many issues, their practices were questionable, but Paul was thankful because God was still in work in their midst. What are we grateful for on thanksgiving? Certainly, we should be grateful for the things we receive from God; but many who don’t believe in God have in abundance. However, we have something that we ought to be grateful for regardless of our circumstances. Paul reminds us that we have received from God everything that we possess; even our very faith is gift from God.

The Grace of Christ is not only his divine attribute, but it is all sufficient for our lives. Grace is a transformative power that teaches us to deny the self. It has the ability to overcome sin and instead enable us to embrace righteousness and thus live according to God’s will. Paul tells us that the grace of God teaches about sin and righteousness. He singles out two elements of thanksgiving, speech meaning the teaching of the word and the knowledge of the truth of the bible (1 Cor. 1:4-9). Because the church was not living according to its doctrines, Paul notes that they were not lacking in knowledge but in obedience. He emphasizes the testimony of Christ that was established among them.

The gospel is a message received from God that should be passed on. It is a message about God that teaches about his holiness and leads people to repent from sin. It is the good news about Christ that people can confess in faith and be saved. The truth of God’s presence amid the Corinthians was shown in the preaching of his word and the people’s knowledge of God. In this passage (1 Cor. 1:4-9), the verbs are in the past tense, meaning their past had already been forgiven by grace in Christ which is everything needed for a fruitful life. God did not just erase their sins, but he also enriched them by the presence of the spirit. As Paul said to the Ephesians, “you have been blessed with every spiritual blessing.” Our spiritual lives have nothing to do with age but with our relationship with God. The born-again Christian is rich in every spiritual blessing.  That enrichment affects both the content, meaning knowledge, and the communication which is the utterance of the message. The objective of the message is the transformation of lives.

The greatest confirmation that Jesus is the savior is sent from heaven and God himself gives that testimony. He calls his creatures to bow down before his son and worship him in truth. The Corinthian church is reminiscent of our church today. In first Corinthian chapter six, Paul describes to the church their identity in Christ (1cor.6:9-11); this is also our realities. One of the reasons why we don’t take the time to thank God, however, is because we forgot who we used to be. We fool ourselves when we think that we were always good. This also causes us to misjudge others and show a lack of sensitivity towards other people’s needs. But for the grace of God, we would be no different than those we judge. Recollecting what God rescued us from enables us to walk wisely with him; this will also keep us from going back to that place He took us from. This is our reason for living a holy life and to be thankful to God. The child of God is filled with his grace, his anointing.

How then shall we live? The just shall live by faith (Rom 1:17, Gal. 3:11. Heb. 10:38); a faith that is informed by and rests on the word of God. For faith comes hearing the word of God (Rom 10:17). Wisdom is the result of good Christian education. Being in Christ means that the same grace that called us to God will sustain us till the end. God is always reliable for he is always faithful, even when we fail him. Whilst the Corinthians were not being faithful, God maintained his trustworthiness. Our faith in God is always justified. He remains the deliver of his people, regardless of the state of things around us. We praise the God who has given the gifts, talents and abilities we have; for he deserves the glory.

Thanksgiving is important, because it very easy for us to forget where the blessings come from. It is a moment that we consider the journey of grace that God is undertaking with us. We can be grateful that God has called us to his service, for there is nothing greater. Are you in poverty, in sickness, falsely accused, suffering in affliction? Give thanks! This will bring us closer to God. It is not what happens to us that defines us, it is our relationship with God. Indeed, we’ve benefited from many physical blessings, and we thank God for it. We enjoy all that because God is faithful, and his grace abounds.

As a church we must always remember the faithfulness of God and walk before him in righteousness. Joshua called on the children of Israel to remind them of God’s blessings and how they should live. “As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord” (Jos. 24:13); and that is the commitment each of us should make. We live by grace through faith in the lord Jesus Christ. It is also our resolution to be grateful to God for his grace in our lives.


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